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Eclimo is a homegrown electric vehicle company. Innovators by profession and nature advocates at heart, we are here to change the way Malaysians travel.

We are the manufacturers of the first Malaysian-made fully electric motorcycles (e-bikes) and scooters (e-scooters). It is our vision that everyone in the world will own an electric vehicle, leading to a healthier and greener future for our planet.

We believe electric vehicles impact lives in three ways – energy, environment and entertainment.

Our e-bikes and e-scooters feature direct drive technology, thus there is no need for gear transmissions. This provides top-notch energy efficiency and smoother rides. The batteries are connected directly to the wheels, ensuring almost zero energy lost in between. Our e-bikes and e-scooters are also equipped with the latest lithium batteries which are 100% safe, unlike traditional lead-acid batteries which are highly toxic. Lithium batteries are not only safe but powerful, providing better power to cost ratio than traditional combustion engines.

Because e-bikes and e-scooters run completely on electricity, there is absolutely zero C02 and smoke emission, making them the greenest rides in town. With our bikes and scooters, the environment does not suffer every time we take a ride so everyone wins. We get to travel more efficiently, the environment is preserved and our children are secured a greener future.

Take the guilt trip out of your road trips. Our products are aimed to free your mind from worry for the environment and soft on your wallet. Our e-bikes and e-scooters help people to save in many ways; on fuel, on maintenance and even repairs. Isn't life a bright GREEN!


ecLiMo is the new generation bike to go
The cost of maintenance is fantastically low
It kept the environment clean air flows
That we can see it even without a motor show

It runs with electrical power with minimum volt
Yes is powerful enough when it rolls
There will be no noise on the road
As this machine is as quiet as if we are home alone

The engine can easily be started even if the weather is cold
No regular oil change and service of radiator impose
The engine runs on a single mode
Hence it requires no change on transmission on our toe

This bike can be use indoor even if the doors are closed
That’s the convenience of this bike in many ways as we were told
That’s the beauty of going with the flow without keeping us slow
That’s the way to go with ecLiMo

By courtesy of ANSON ANG

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